It’s harvest season on the great Canadian prairie

We are thinking of our farmers working out in every kind of weather during yet another unique harvest season. Hoping Mother Nature cooperates for the next few weeks, and thank you for all the hard work you do all year long to keep Canadian food culture vibrant and growing.

Some 1950s snapshots from our vault

As we celebrate our 100 year anniversary as a Canadian printer of choice, it’s been fun to take a peek inside the Houghton Boston vault looking for interesting stories and photos from our past (and yes, we do have an actual real vault at our office!).

Here’s a picture from 1956 of one of our pressmen working on a project on a now very antique press. We have kept some of these vintage presses over the years and it’s fascinating to see just how far printing progress has come.

We’ve been around almost as long as the local newspaper The Star Phoenix, established in 1902, and ads from over the years are popping up in the vault. Also from 1956, here’s a Star Phoenix ad for Houghton Boston. Check out that old school phone number!

Being a proud member of the Saskatchewan business community, we are glad to find opportunities to give back to the people and organizations that help make our province great. Here’s a letter from 1951 thanking our owner for the donation of a hand-fed press for the Saskatoon School for The Deaf.

More to come next time we open the vault…


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